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I’m looking forward to see where this story goes next. When I read Chuck’s comments, the other thing that occurred to me was the carny in the wheelchair, I wanted the Bo-bo to somehow be responsible for what happened to his legs.

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Nice! A real slow burner, but in the good way, kept me reading, I couldn't work out what was gonna happen.

Bo Bo's insults had me laughing a lot.

And I thought it was only us Brits that soak our chips (or fries as you call them) in vinegar. Learn something new every day.

Haven't read Chuck's feedback yet. Will check that out now. Glad you're back, Kerri!

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I really loved the dialogue in this! Do you think you'll leave it as a short story or go further with it? It feels like there's some lore begging to be expanded on.

The descriptions make me think of all the fairs I've been to where I'm probably more interested in the behind-the-scenes goings on than the actual rides.

I love the concession stand looking like an onion. I bet you could write a recipe book alongside the stories. I'd be keenly interested in this, mostly because I'm greedy.

Good work as always, glad to see you posting again!

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